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How it works

The SoundLid uses the internal volume of any Mason Jar as an accoustic chamber. Bigger the Jar, better the sound. It's up to the user to chose between sound quality or portability.


  • Sustainable

    Made of compostable bio-plastic

  • Describe a feature

    10 M range wireless connectivity

  • Universal fit

    The SouldLid is made to fit on any  wide mouth mason jars 


How Long does the battery last?

The SoundLid is equipped with a 1200 MaH lasting 8 H and the SoundLid Wide with a 2400 MaH lasting 16 h. 

How do we recharge the SoundLid?

The SoundLid can be recharged by a conventional micro-USB cable 

How long does it takes to recharge the devices ?

The soundLid takes 30 minutes to full charge and The SoundLid Wide 1h25.